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Slab Leak Repair in McKinney, TX

A slab leak is no joke.

When you need slab leak repair in McKinney, TX, we will get you back on solid ground. Serving families like ours in McKinney, Melissa, Anna and Collin County. Using cutting edge cameras and plumbing expertise, we can diagnose and solve leaks before they cause soil erosion and damage structural integrity.

slab leak repair mckinney tx

If you suspect a slab leak, you can feel overwhelmed at the thought of the costly repairs that lie ahead.

When a slab leak occurs, structural damage can happen and foundation repairs may be needed. Know your options!

Call us for a free second opinion on your slab leak repair today.

slab leak repair mckinney tx

Signs of a slab leak:

Our plumbers in McKinney use state of the art camera equipment to spot any leaks and move forward with more testing and repair.

Possible causes of slab leaks

Once we spot a leak, we employ hydrostatic testing methods using pressure to detect where the leak is coming from. This process enables your plumber to “pinpoint’ the location of the leak to the best of their ability and map out the plan to repair it.
slab leak repair mckinney tx

Worried about pesky slab leaks causing chaos in your home and disrupting your family's peace of mind?

Fret not, amigo! Just call up Genzel Plumbing and our trusty team will take care of those sneaky leaks faster than you can say "Hasta la vista, water damage!"

So kick back, relax, and let us do your slab leak repair - your house and family are in good hands.

Full Service Plumbing Company

In addition identifying and fixing slab leaks, we also provide a full range of services including plumbing repairs of everything from leaky faucets and runny toilets, to leaks in your main water line. We also handle drain cleaning and clearing, and repair, installation, and maintenance of water heaters.