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We are about Plumbing and People

Looking for a plumber in McKinney or the surrounding Collin County area? Genzel Plumbing is a distinctly authentic business that values a missional heart. We give our time and resources, we love family and challenge our business to a higher standard in order to be the absolute best plumber in Mckinney.

Genzel Plumbing is a family-owned plumbing business servicing McKinney residence and the Collin County, Texas metroplex since 2001. We come highly recommended by many people in McKinney and all over the Dallas area. When looking for a plumber that understands that your home or business is one of your greatest investments, you need to look no further. Our licensed plumbers are people who take pride in how we serve you. We’re consumers too! We know it can be difficult to invite a stranger into your private domain. Rest assured, it is our policy to be honest and upfront with our customers before beginning any work and to approach every job as the most important job of the day.

At Genzel Plumbing, we understand you have many options when it comes to choosing a plumber in Mckinney. Trust us to provide you with expert plumbing services and exhibit the highest level of integrity. We’ll get the job done right, the first time! Whether you have an emergency situation such as a clog, sewer issue or leak that needs detection or you need a repair to your current plumbing system, we will provide you with quick, reliable, expert service and leave the work area in your home or business cleaner than when we arrived. We will, no doubt, be your BEST option. As an expert plumber in McKinney and surrounding areas, we are reliable and punctual plumbers ready to service all your needs. Our services vary from simple repairs to more extensive replacement of existing systems that are outdated or not functioning up to an optimal standard. Other services offered include installation of a standard or tankless hot water heater and assisting with the installation or repair of bathroom or kitchen fixtures such as sinks, garbage disposals, faucets, dishwashers, ice makers, bathtubs, showers, toilets, shower pans, or washing machine hoses. These are just a few examples of what a Genzel Plumbing, a licensed plumber in McKinney, can do for you. Our services are not limited to the above examples, we are able to service much more, see below and visit our other pages provided for a more extensive list of ways we can be of service and meet all your plumbing needs.
As a professional and experienced plumber in Mckinney and the Collin County metroplex, we expect to earn your trust by over-delivering in value, service, attitude, and quality. We have daily meetings, monthly workshops, and yearly continuing education that is required for all our plumbers to ensure that the quality workmanship you receive as our customer is top-notch. It is what has kept us one of the number one google rated plumber in Mckinney since 1999. We are most assuredly the plumber in Mckinney you can rely on! So do not hesitate or wait to call us any longer, we promise we will be your last stop when it comes to peace of mind in seeking out the best plumber in Mckinney.

At Genzel Plumbing, a plumber in McKinney, we offer these services below:

  • All General Repairs
  • Any Emergency repairs
  • Installations of Hot Water Heaters or fix the problem if repairable
  • Drain and/or many drains Cleaned
  • Water pipes and sewer pipes
  • Inspections
  • Toilets
  • Pumps
  • Garbage disposal repair or replacement
  • Install new sink faucets or repair old ones
  • Install new Shower fixtures and tub fixtures or just repair existing

Here is a letter from the owners:

Hello, my name is Robby Genzel I have been plumbing since 1991, and I started Genzel Plumbing Company in 2001. Before starting my own business, I worked for a gas company for several years and two other plumbing companies before I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own company. I am so thankful I did, because it has been very rewarding to run a business the way in which I want. Being the perfectionist that I am, it allows me to take my time to do the job well. It also allows me to higher and train my plumber assistants to do things right the first time.

I am married to Jamie Genzel, and she has been the backbone of this company doing the scheduling and making people feel confident in choosing to go with us. We have four beautiful children. Our 3 boys have been able to shadow me since they were little, and now they will be working for Genzel Plumbing. We are excited to have them join me in becoming some of the greatest plumbers in Mckinney and Collin County all while bearing the Genzel Plumbing name. Our company has grown to be a family business, and we love that! We have been a referral based business for many years solely relying on our customers’ recommendations and word of mouth to grow our business. We love to build lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and integrity. We strive to deliver excellent service while treating customers like family and being understanding of their needs.

Hello, my name is Jamie Genzel and I am the wife of Robby Genzel. I have worked from home since 1999 where I have had the opportunity to school my children as well as help my husband run Genzel Plumbing Company. I have built relationships with our clients over the years and understand the wants and needs of our customers very well. Clean, punctual, quality and trustworthy work is a huge factor that our plumbers are expected to have. In McKinney and the surrounding areas there are many choices when it comes to plumbing services; our plumbers will exceed your expectation by far and go the extra mile. We take it very seriously when we hire our plumbers. The bar is set high, and we are proud of this. Our boys have watched their dad for years in this business, and they will now be joining the Genzel Plumbing Company as plumbers in McKinney. If you are still wondering about our company, as the manager of a home, I can assure you that we will make you feel right at home with our services and expect the very best from our technicians. No less is ever acceptable. Customer service is our top priority..
If you would like to work with us, give us a call or email us for a Free estimate today. We are grateful to be your specialized plumber in McKinney. We will work tirelessly to earn your loyalty as our customer!


From the Genzel boys:

We highly recommend this company, not just because it has been our family’s business for years, but because we know the character qualities of our parents who started it in 2001. We have been taught to have the utmost integrity in our home, school, and work because that is what is modeled in our home and in our family’s business. We enjoy being around all our customers and will make sure that we continue this excellent model as we move into the role of helping contribute to the company. Don’t take our word for it, check out the many testimonials on Google and see in the videos on our website from the many customers who have left great reviews about our character, quality, trust, and first-class work.