Drain Cleaning

Most people don’t think about calling a plumber in Mckinney to have their drains cleaned and/or inspected for breaks. Usually, people call a plumber in Mckinney when it is too late, and there is a problem that causes a drain clog with water backing up. This can be very inconvenient and hold the homeowner back from a productive day using your dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, and toilets in the home. Out of all the plumbing needs, clogged drains are by far the top reason to call a plumber in Mckinney. Many things can cause a clogged, slow, or cracked drain.

Listed below are some examples :

  • Tree roots
  • Grease
  • Food
  • Hair
  • Flushable wipes/ baby wipes
  • Scale buildup
  • Feminine products
  • Paper
  • Toys  : )

Have you tried to unstop the problem yourself and just can’t get the stoppage to budge? Did you know that you can actually make the problem worse? It is surprising to see what our technicians have found that people or small children have put down their home drains. Things like wash clothes, stuffed animals, jewelry, legos, pasta, and potato peels are just a few examples of items that can cause a problem going down the drain. Clogged drains and water lines can also be caused by wear and tear on older pipes, gunk build up inside of pipe, ground shifting, and tree roots growing into pipes. We have come to the rescue on several occasions where people have dropped their wedding ring down the drain and salvaged it from the P-trap. Give us a call and let Genzel Plumbing Company be your choice of a plumber in Mckinney, come to your rescue.

Here are some examples of different methods of drain cleaning.


Alkaline drain openers:

Can be in liquid or solid form causing a chemical reaction releasing Hydrogen gas with a heat reaction. This heat reaction helps to dissolve things like hair and grease. The foam reaction will coat the inside of the pipe helping to dislodge the clog. You need to be very careful when using this type of drain cleaner as sometimes it can make the problem worse then you will need to call a professional, licensed plumber in Mckinney to help further assist you.

Acidic drain openers:

This is sulfuric acid at a high concentrated rate. It also can help dissolve things like hair and grease. Similarly, you need to be very careful when using this type of drain cleaner as sometimes it can make the problem worse. Making it imperative that you call a professional, trained plumber in Mckinney to help further assist you.

  • Danger and Usage considerations: Both of these options can be very hazardous to use according to the different manufacturers. Some of the potential hazards are a strong reaction to water that could produce explosive vapors which are very harmful to the skin, lungs, eyes and could leave you with a trip to the doctor or emergency room. Please read all labels and proceed with the utmost caution and protection, as we do not advise using these types of drain cleaning methods. We recommend calling us and letting one of our professional, plumber in Mckinney do the job safely and correctly instead.

Handheld drain augers:

These can be purchased at most of your local hardware stores, but they usually only go about 25 feet past the opening of the drain. Sometimes it is exactly what you need for small clogs. We do not recommend using it for larger clogs as the twisting cable can scratch eternal ceramic surfaces of plumbing fixtures and cause larger issues. Our professional grade augers are able to safely and quickly get to the clog and remove it without causing any further damage to your pipes.

Home remedy drain cleaners:

The most common home remedy for drain cleaning is boiling water mixed with baking soda poured down the drain followed by pouring vinegar down the drain. While this is a more environmentally friendly method it is ineffective, not to mention dangerous. The boiling water can melt the wax seal for the toilet and is not good for PVC lines. We do not recommend this method.

Hydro-mechanical drain cleaners:

This method is a high pressure-water system that breaks up corrosion and clogs in tiny particles to help with water flow through the pipe. It is much better for the environment as it just uses tap water and no chemicals. Call Genzel Plumbing, the loyal plumber in Mckinney, to schedule one of our licensed plumber to come out and use this machine to unstop your clogged pipes.

Electric drain cleaners:

This system has a very long sturdy cable system that can reach up to 130 to 260 feet. It is highly recommended to clean out bigger problems such as roots and heavy corrosion build up. This method is definitely worth the investment and can save lots of future stoppages. There are no chemicals used so it is also environmentally safe.

Sewer jetters:

This method is also high pressured water that breaks up debris into small pieces to flush down the drain. This cable is very flexible and can bend in tight areas and can clean several hundred feet of pipe. This machine is very complex to use, but our trained plumber in Mckinney would be glad to help you get your pipes clean today.

Enzymatic drain cleaners:

This has a bacteria culture and concentrated enzymes to put down the drain with lots of water flow, to help with organic residue that builds up over time. This is just a maintenance drain cleaner to help with the proper flow in the drains but it is not intended to clear the lines when a major clog is present.