Water Heaters

Is your water heater giving you problems? Does it need to be replaced? Does it leak or make a strange noise? Do you run out of hot water on a regular basis finding the people in your home rushing to get to the shower first before it is all gone? A hot water heater should be an energy efficient, money saving, and comforting upgrade to your home. The last thing you want is to wait until it is too late and the water heater floods or causes serious damage to your home before calling a plumber in Mckinney.

Are you looking for never ending hot water by replacing a tank for a tankless system? Does it take forever to get hot water in a certain location of your home that could be hurried along with the installation of a pump? We can help you with your questions no matter the complexity. No task is too difficult for us. Let our expert licensed plumbers come to the rescue if you’re looking for a plumber in McKinney. We will take the time to advise what is best for your water usage and the number of people in your home. There are many options that will allow you to save your dollars in the long run and most importantly give you the peace of mind. There is a simple solution to your water heating problems, by giving us a call, as your plumber in Mckinney, we will come up with the right plan for your needs. Don’t let these things be a stress in your home, call us right away to take the stress away!

These are just a few warning signs that your water heater is about to go out:

  • Running out of hot water
  • A popping or rumbling sound coming from your heater
  • Leaking at the base of heater or rust build up
  • Bad egg smell
  • Run out of hot water quickly

Call Genzel Plumbing Company before your water heater goes out and floods your home in a matter of minutes. This will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to your home, not to mention the inconvenience of the inevitable untimeliness of an unexpected water heater issue. We are the plumber in Mckinney to call to come to your rescue. The lifespan of a water heater is anywhere from 7 to 10 years. Some might last 20 plus years, but you will want to have it inspected often after the 10-year mark. Our licensed technicians can reassure you. If there are any major concerns, we will find them. Give us a call to schedule that water heater check up today. Don’t wait till it is too late.

As your plumber in Mckinney, we use only the top of the line tank water heaters. If you are looking for an upgrade to a tankless water heating system, we are the plumber in McKinney who specializes in installing these more complex types of heaters. We make it a priority to stay in communication with the best water heater manufacturers. We make sure to be in the know about the changing technology that will save you, as the customer, hundreds of dollars in water usage and electricity. There are many different options when it comes to tankless hot water heaters. While saving you money on water, electricity, or gas with a tankless water heater, sometimes the water takes forever to reach certain areas of the home. This can be fixed by installing a recirculation system. Once again, our licensed technician can be your plumber in McKinney to help you decide if this is the right fit for your home.

Genzel Plumbing Company knows that it can be overwhelming to decide which water heating system is the best. Your water heater is the second highest energy user in the home. This is important to think about when choosing tank versus tankless options since the tank spends hours of unused time reheating the 50 gallons over and over throughout a 24 hour period. Below are some of your choices. We can be your plumber in Mckinney to help you determine which one will be the best fit for your home.

1. Electric tank:

Electric water heaters have to constantly heat and reheat the water up
throughout the day and night to keep the water hot by using electricity. These are
typically a less expensive option upfront as they are a bit easier to install. However,
electric water heaters often cost more in the long run when considering the higher
electric bills seen month after month. These tanks are bigger than a tankless water
heater and take up more space.

2. Gas tank:

Gas tanks can cost a little bit more up front than the electric, but you will see the
savings in your electricity bill month after month. The savings for this option comes in
the lower monthly electric bills. These tanks are bigger than a tankless water heater and
take up more space.

3. Tankless:

Tankless water heaters are significantly more expensive up front to install, but the benefits outweigh the up front cost difference for many homeowners. With a tankless
system, you will get hot water on demand. This system will heat water one time, only
when you use it, and give you an endless amount of hot water. Since the water heats
when it is being used, you will significantly save on your gas and/or your electric bill.
These tanks are considerably smaller than the tank water heaters and are a great
upgrade to your home. You will also see a return on the money invested in a tankless
system when you list your home for sale.

Recommended Vendors:

  • Takagi Tankless Water Heaters
  • Noritz Tankless Water Heaters
  • Bradford White Water Heaters
  • Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters
  • Delta Products
  • Price Pfister Products

When calling a plumber in Mckinney, whether it is for a hot water heater repair or the installation of a new system, it is important that you have a licensed plumber do the work. Genzel Plumbing has the qualified, honest and efficient plumbers ready to work for you. There are many different steps to installing water heaters safely. You do not want just anyone to install one. There are many plumbers in McKinney to choose from, our professionals want to make sure you have the proper installation. This is so important and we cannot stress this enough since we have helped many customers fix water heater issues after they had an amateur come install theirs. As a professional licensed plumber in McKinney, Genzel Plumbing Company looks forward to doing business with you and your family. We will make the job is done right the first time.